This blog is missing comments from its readers:-(

That's the question I have in my mind this afternoon...and I hope to get some answers/comments from you. I unfortunately have the feeling you are a little bit shy, I have readers (the statistics prove it;-) but almost no comment:-(

I thought that the reason was that I post too irregularly but since the last 2 weeks I have more time for my blog and try to post not only books "recensions" but also on different themes which have to do with my passion: BOOKS!
But no comment came...Some of you told me personally that you bought books I recommended which made me happy. So please do not hesitate to write here what you thought about a book, if the post motivated you to read it, if you have a completely different opinion, what you expect from a book,...

A blog lives from his readers! So the ball is in your court!

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