An amazing idea...

is the concept of www.mymajorcompanybooks.com!
This is a website in french but perhaps some of you are interested and you may want to have a look on it. The goal of this website is to enable young authors to have their books be printed. You can find some chapters of their books and then decide if you want to sponsor them (from 10 Euro onwards). When 20.000 Euro are reached, the book is going to be printed. And as a gratification for the sponsorship you then receive the printed book before everybody else. You also then get a part of the wins made with the book.

But I think the most important goal of this website is to give new authors a chance! A chance to fulfill their dreams and to get their books be printed!

This is the reason I decided last winter to sponsor with a small amount a young woman: Shaké Mouradian with her book JUDE R. And yesterday it was a perfect surprise as I found it in my post book with a dedication. I am really excited to start it now!

I will certainly post about this freshly printed book in the next days:-)
For interested buyers, JUDE R will be available in book shops or in Internet on November 3rd.

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