Very soon, new books!

I have currently so many books which wait to be discovered and therefore I spend almost all my afternoons reading:-) I love it! But this leaves me not so much time for posting. But I promise you, from friday onwards I will try to improve myself. Because I love also this blog and love sharing with you the novels I read, good or bad ones.
Yesterday I read a german book "Die Geliebte des Gelatiere" from Daniel Zahno, this will be my next posting here. Today I started "Sous les vents de Neptune" from Fred Vargas ( I know, again a Vargas;-)) so this will also become a place in this blog.

Last but not least, thanks to all of you for visiting my blog! I am always surprised and happy when I see from how many different countries the visitors are: Australia, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Singapour, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK, USA and Vietnam.

Thank you for making it lively and looking forward for any comments or suggestions!

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