The 3 languages:-)

As you certainly noticed, my blog is a mix of 3 languages which perhaps appears a little bit strange for some of you but this has some reasons for me. I like to mix languages, to switch from one to the other. French is my mother-tongue, therefore I hope that I will not make a lot of spelling mistakes when I write in french. German was the first language I learned at school, before english. I hated it at the beginning, because I found it so difficult and now I love it! Although I live since 14 years in Germany (currently I am in France but hope to go back soon to Germany), I'm still making mistakes when I write in german. I beg your pardon for them:-)
And what about English? For me this is more a "work" language, I also like to speak it but feel more comfortable in a business meeting than during a small-talk. 6 months in England did unfortunately not help me a lot;-) as I spent more time there with german students as with english ones;-)
This is for me quite new that I read books in english, I need more time than for german and french ones but I enjoy it.
Therefore I hope you will not be too shocked when I write something completely wrong in english...

And one other reason to write in these 3 languages is that it can then be followed by all my friends:-)

I wish you a wonderful week-end with hopefully enough time for books!:-)

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