Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert

As I got this book, I was very, very happy, not only because it was a present from my lovely colleagues but also because I absolutely wanted to read it because of all the promotion they made for the film. Perhaps my expectations were too high, but I can only say: I can not understand that this belongs to the bestseller list!
I could not find something special in the pages I read...and to be honest I gave up middle of India:-) the problem I have with this book is not the story itself but the way how it is written, too many long descriptions, too many "clichés" and the narcissism of the author. Did she need money after her trip? Is this the reason she wrote this book?
One thing is sure, I will certainly not watch the film!

Just after her divorce, Elizabeth Gilbert decides to leave the US for a year to discover 3 countries completely different from each others: Italy, India and Indonesia. This trip should also help her to find herself. As I did not read the book till the end, I can not tell you if she succeeded:-)

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