Replay - Ken Grimwood

I read something about this book in a newspaper and was surprised not to have heard anything about it before as the story seemed to be interesting. So some days after, I started to read this book:-) Typical for me when I hear about a book which interests me, I can not wait!:-)
The style of this book is fantasy as of course such a story could not happen. Normally fantasy does not belong to my favourite genre but sometimes I am surprised. So now enough about myself!
This story is about a theme which is often in such books: relive one's life and how would it be? In the course of this book, we follow Jeff Winston (43) who dies and wakes ups in his 18-year-old body, 25 years ago. The interesting point is of course that Jeff remembers all his life and knows now that he has the possibility to change the course of his life and his missed choices. Jeff does not get only the chance to relive his life different, but will have several replays.
In his first replay, for example, Jeff starts to bid money on events he knows the results due to his knowledge on the future. In the course of the book, it appears that not only Jeff replays his life...
This book made me laugh, and made me sometimes sad but the most important it shows that we should live NOW and do not wait to get new chances. What we should say or do, we should do it in this life as there is no guarantee to get a replay...


  1. I loved this book too !!! not so sure it's a dream or a nightmare... still, it's a great story

  2. More a nightmare...I would not like to replay my life because every decision I took made me like I am:-)