A Secret Kept - Tatiana de Rosnay

As announced yesterday, I will post now another book from Tatiana de Rosnay : A Secret Kept. I read this book in french and therefore wrote yesterday that the name was "Boomerang" as I though that it was the same title in english. But it was not the case:-) And as I decided to make a post in english for my english-speaking friends and also for me, to improve my english, I checked the title and noticed that it is a different title: A Secret Kept which to be honest fits better to the story itself:-)

After "Elle s'appelait Sarah" (see one of my previous posts), I absolutely wanted to read another book. So thanks Amazon and a fast delivery I could enjoy her style and was delighted to read it, although I really preferred "Sarahs Key". This is also a story about the secret but in a completely different way. What I personally appreciate in her novels is the high degree of sensibility of her characters.

I do not know why but at the beginning I was surprised that the main person is a man...I can not explain why I expected a woman to be the principal actor of this book. Sometimes things can not be explained:-)

This story is narrated by Antoine, left by his wife and father of 3 quite difficult kids (teenagers:-). For his sister's (Melanie) birthday, they both go to the place where they spent all their summers till the suddenly death of their mother. On the way back to Paris, Melanie looses the control of the car just after having said to Antoine: "I need to tell you something, I remember something.." Antoine is obsessed all the time during Melanie's stay at the hospital what she wanted to tell him just before the accident. Antoine starts to looks for the truth, the truth about his family...

This search for the truth is what everyone is looking for, isn't it?

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