Christmas presents

I know, Christmas is in more than 5 weeks, so plenty of time to find and buy all christmas presents. But be honest with yourself, when will you really start to buy them?;-) Normally only 1 or 2 weeks before, this is what I did every year till last year. As I did not work, I started my christmas selection quite soon and this was such a wonderful feeling to have time for it. Therefore I already started with the christmas preparation: my christmas cards are printed, the christmas list is ready, and some gifts already arrived today:-) I still look for 2 special presents but I am on the right way!

Why this post on a books blog? Because I would be curious to know if books belong to the presents you are planning and if you like to receive books for christmas. This is sometimes a difficult exercise for me because as you know I love books and therefore I have the bad habit to think everyone is like I am;-)  and this is the reason I often offer books...
So if you receive again a book from me this year, please forgive me:-)

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