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You certainly now think, what? Books Database? Yes this is my "german" side;-)

And today I noticed again that such tools are helpful. This is also the reason I currently write this post. Today I took a book on my shelf where normally only unread books lie. OK as I had a look on the cover, I thought, strange I thought I already read it. But I was persuaded that it could not be as it was on the "unread books shelf". So I nestled (I hope this is the right term for it) on my couch and after 20 pages I was sure, I know this book! 
And this is exactly what would have not happened if I would have had a look in my books database...Ok this is not dramatical, I had only to stand up and take the next book on the shelf, hoping that this time this was really an unread one. 

Some years ago I started to put all the books I read in an Excel file, putting only the name of the book, author, number of pages and how I found the book. Last year I finally upgraded to a most elegant solution: a books database. I was then surprised how many different softwares you can find for this use and also how many people use them.
I found the one which offers me the features I need/like: Bookpedia, which can be installed on a Mac.After a free trial,  I bought the premium rights for a small payment of around 15 Euro and never regretted it! And next time, I will first check in Bookpedia before I start again a book which was on the wrong shelf;-)

Do you also have a management system for your books??? Which one?

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