Today is World Book Day !

I read this morning in the FB profile of a friend that today is the World Book Day!  Till today I did not know that it exists, and I am very happy that there is such a day, as books should be celebrated. Books bring so much in our lives, they permit us to dream, to learn more about ourself, to escape the reality and the problems we have.

I am quite disappointed that such a day is not more celebrated. When I see the bookshop in the street I live, there is nothing in the display window about the World Book Day:-( Ok, this bookshop is unfortunately not really a good one and the booksellers there are quite unfriendly. but I hold that, if they sell books in this case they should love books and then celebrate them on this special day.

Fortunately other booksellers do very nice things and decorate especially their shops for this occasion.

How to celebrate books? Personally I think that the best way is to read one and forget everything around. Except perhaps the wonderful weather we have today;-)!

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