A strange phase..

I started the new book from Audrey Niffenegger "Her fearful symmetry" and I have such difficulties to go forward. I am only at page 127 and the book is on my table and waits to be read. But I can not decide myself to stand up to catch the book because the story does not really interest me:-(

Now I am starting to think (perhaps too much!), if I have a strange phase where such books (like the one from David Nicholls and now this one) do not fit to my life. Normally I like love romans and I do not have any particular reasons not to like them right now. But either these 2 books are not my style or I should choose another style for the next novel I will read.

I only hope that this is not a stage where I can not read at all. I had one phase 10 years ago and it lasted 2 months, I started books and could not go forward, without any special reason. Sometime I decided to read only magazines and after 2 months of books' abstinence, I could start again:-)

So I will keep you updated:-)

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