Elizabeth Georges Book without Lynley

As you maybe know if you follow this blog, I love Elizabeth Georges Books! But I recently noticed that a criminal case without inspector Lynley is not so interesting, not so thrilling for me:-(

I didn't know before I started this book that it is a case Barbara will resolve alone, ok not really alone but without her boss. I like Barbara's character but this is not the same as when she works together with Lynley. I think what I really like in E. Georges books is the mix of these both characters: Barbara, who is very natural, does not care what she can stay or better not, and Lynley who is very diplomatic and comes from a distinguished family.

Also I missed in this book St James who always has good ideas and is really pragmatic. The character I did not miss at all is Deborah, who is for me a highly complicated woman. And please do not say, it is only because she is a woman!;-) Luckily not all women are like Deborah!!!

I decided now to wait a little bit before I start with her next book and started "Zwei an einem Tag" from David Nicholls. It will certainly be the title of my next posting!

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