50 postings!

Wow I just noticed that I already published 50 posting in this blog since beginning of November 2010, so in 5 months. And I must recognize that I was quite lazy the last 2 months...although I read books!

As a short summary about the last 5 months, some statistics (I love them when I do not have to prepare them;-):
in total 607 visits, 66 came from Facebook
Visitors are from all around the world (Korea, USA, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Russian Federation, etc..). But 43% are from Germany which is of course normal as this is "my" country and most of my postings are in german. The second country in terms of number of visitors is the USA, followed then by my home country.

What I also find interesting is to see which are the most reading posts:
The first one was the one which was the most read:-) and the second one was for a very touching book: "Elle s'appelait Sarah" from Tatiana de Rosnay.

So I think this is now enough for statistics:-) I will try to post new books within the next days, so please continue to visit my blog as you did the last 5 months! And feel free to write any comments!

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