I am so excited, I have the last Mankell in my hands:-)

Today I went to the public library in our small village and was so surprised as I saw the last Mankell which is the last Wallander story on the "new books table". There was another lady watching on the new books and I was faster:-)
This book is new, and has just been published some weeks ago. I never would have thought that a library in a village could have it. It shows that the 3 ladies taking care during their free time of this library made it really with love, love for books. I had a short chat with one of them today and we have the same taste (at least what books concern:-). She loves Anna Gavalda but totally agrees that her novel "La consolante" (I am sorry I just can not find the english title for this book) was quite disappointing.
As I am impressed about the quantity and quality of books the library has and know that they have a very limited budget to buy books, I brought this morning 3 books I had at home and gave them. Normally I never give books I liked but this time this is different. First I wanted to do something for this library (this is unfortunately only a small support I could give) and second as I currently read a lot, I will never be able to bring all my read books back to Germany in my car.

So now I will enjoy the last Wallander and certainly dream of a sweet public library in a small village!

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