Audio Books

Approximately 2-3 times a year, I decide to give an audio book its chance;-) Why? Simply because I never succeeded in hearing one till the end. I always start with good intentions but after max. 10 minutes I forget the book and start to do something else, most of the time without noticing that I interrupted something...
The first time I thought ok this has to do with the story and not with me;-) Yes it is always so easy to think that I am not guilty;-)
But after some trials, I can say, audio books are not the right medium for me.

I remember as I was in the school starting to learn german, our german teacher did not want that we open the german school book the last 3 months. For him this was important that we learn german through the sound, the intonation of the language. And what happened? After 1 month I was completely lost. I am a person who needs to read, to see the words on paper. When I hear a new word in german (which still happens after 15 years!), I almost always ask "how do you spell it?".

Therefore I think this is the key of the problem I have with audio books. For me words need to be written! And nothing is nicer that to hold a book in my hands, that's the was I personally enjoy books!

What's about you?

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