Which books should I resolve to read in 2011?


Every year in January I ask myself which books I should absolutely read in the next 12 months, which ones are absolutely "has to be read books". And at the end of the year this is always the same, the ones which were my "companions" were not the ones on my new year's resolutions list.
Why is this all the years the same? Personally I think this is only because my reading should fit with my mood. This is the reason so many books are waiting on the shelves, as I bought them they would have suit but now they do not seem so interesting.. However one of my new year's resolution is to reduce the number of unread books in my apartment.

Therefore this year no list will be made, I will simply read the books I want to read, the ones I discover in book shops, the ones a lovely bookseller recommends me (and everytime she knows exactly what I need), the ones I get as present,...

Life is too short to read books which according to certain people have to be read! In private life nothing HAS to be done, we should only do what our heart wants and what we enjoy!

Therefore I will enjoy in 2011 books (hopefully a lot of books!) without knowing now which ones they will be:-) and I will let myself be surprised:-)

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